Commissioned by Art In General to create a “sound piece” for the 25th anniversary of the organization, this seemed redundant on Canal Street one of the noisiest locations in New York City.  Hamilton instead chose to “erase” the sound in a small area selected as one of the noisiest as it sits at the convergence of all traffic headed to the Holland Tunnel.  This clear plexiglass soundproof booth provided a respite from the cacophony while still affording visitors a full 360 degree visual experience of the surroundings.  The piece measured 5 feet square and over 8 feet tall and weighed nearly 2000 pounds.  It was installed in Duarte Square at the corner of Canal and 6th Avenue and was selected in 2007 as the representative piece for 2001 in the NYC Park’s Departments exhibition of “25 Years of Art in the Parks”.

The Aesthetics of Industrial Scale

The Aesthetics of Industrial Scale, Video Still

Single Channel Video, (Color w/Sound), 2001

The Maspeth Holders, two enormous natural gas storage containers in Queens were going to be blown up early one Sunday morning because they were obsolete.  Curious, I went out to watch and brought a camera along.  After speaking to some of the local residents and experiencing a large party atmosphere on the morning of the destruction, I found myself moved and saddened by the passing of these tanks, the largest structures in Brooklyn or Queens.  The violent and near instantaneous destruction brought up feelings of loss that I’d been holding onto since the passing of my good friend and colleague Bill Nisselson of Sound One Corporation a week earlier and to whom this film is dedicated.   The film unexpectedly evolved into a haunting parallel to the destruction of the World Trade Center just two months later.

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Speed of Life

Single Channel Video (Color 21 mins w/sound) 2005

A domestic tableau in which the artist’s wife disinterestedly reads a fashion magazine in bed while the artist passes left to right and right to left across the picture window behind.  He increases his speed progressively with each pass until running full speed and then he slows with each successive pass until, moving imperceptibly, he passes one last time before the image fades to black.

Big Sunday

Single Channel Video (Color, 16 mins 28 secs w/sound) 2004

This single take video documents a lone surfer as he unsuccessfully braves the heavy surf of a hurricane swell on the eastern tip of Long Island NY.  The voyeuristic camera follows him as he exits the surf and then the beach as the video evolves into an unexpected socio-political commentary.

My Left Arm

Single Channel Video (Color, 8 mins 24 secs w/sound)  2001

My Left Arm explores the psychological state of the artist and the city in the days following the 9/11 attack upon the World Trade Center after a minor but bloody injury sends him to the emergency room for stitches.  Foregoing any actual shots of ground zero MLA instead focuses upon surreal and poetic imagery that obliquely references the devastation just a few blocks away juxtaposed against a close scrutiny of the bandaged left arm of the artist.

Talk To The Hand


A collection of found gloves each of which has been associated by the artist with a different ex-girlfriend and displayed with a handwritten narrative describing a scenario which edifies the specific “failure” of that particular relationship.

The History of Chance

Image2 Channel video w/sound sculpturally contextualized with glass teardrop vessel containing 10 years of the artist’s finger and toenail clippings.  Structure features surface depth installed monitors with upper channel depicting a still life shot out artist’s studio window with a perpetually and gently windblown chain brushing lightly against the window frame, while the lower channel depicts water dripping into a black void creating a shimmering pattern mimicking sound waves as indicated in drawings and cartoons.  Entire structure mimics a large hourglass and runs continuously in two random loops.


Self Help


24 Photographs of handwritten book pages describing a creative process engaged in by the artist.  Prints are mounted on aluminum and fit into a handmade wooden box in an effort to make the book as cumbersome as possible thereby unifying both the book and the baggage into one convenient package.



Single channel video w/sound emerging from the artist’s early explorations in the relationship of sound and image as well as the substance of sound and the metaphysics of perception.  Installation includes a video monitor and multiple headphones which allow for an “immersive” experience in the sonic substance created as the artist consumes a caesar salad with crunchy croutons.  Recorded with three microphones one directed at the artist’s head, one directed at the ambient room, and one in a separate room with a dripping faucet.  As the video progresses the viewers perception shifts from salad, to room, to distant ambience.

I Shall Be Released

5 Channel video with sound of a performance in which the artist tightens the strings on a guitar while tunelessly but decisively plucking them until each in it’s turn finally breaks.  Collectively this deconstructed self portrait depicts a fractured and frustrated state of mind which nonetheless demonstrates the artist’s ability and hope to carry on.