The Aesthetics of Industrial Scale

The Aesthetics of Industrial Scale, Video Still

Single Channel Video, (Color w/Sound), 2001

The Maspeth Holders, two enormous natural gas storage containers in Queens were going to be blown up early one Sunday morning because they were obsolete.  Curious, I went out to watch and brought a camera along.  After speaking to some of the local residents and experiencing a large party atmosphere on the morning of the destruction, I found myself moved and saddened by the passing of these tanks, the largest structures in Brooklyn or Queens.  The violent and near instantaneous destruction brought up feelings of loss that I’d been holding onto since the passing of my good friend and colleague Bill Nisselson of Sound One Corporation a week earlier and to whom this film is dedicated.   The film unexpectedly evolved into a haunting parallel to the destruction of the World Trade Center just two months later.

View the Video on Vimeo

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