Commissioned by Art In General to create a “sound piece” for the 25th anniversary of the organization, this seemed redundant on Canal Street one of the noisiest locations in New York City.  Hamilton instead chose to “erase” the sound in a small area selected as one of the noisiest as it sits at the convergence of all traffic headed to the Holland Tunnel.  This clear plexiglass soundproof booth provided a respite from the cacophony while still affording visitors a full 360 degree visual experience of the surroundings.  The piece measured 5 feet square and over 8 feet tall and weighed nearly 2000 pounds.  It was installed in Duarte Square at the corner of Canal and 6th Avenue and was selected in 2007 as the representative piece for 2001 in the NYC Park’s Departments exhibition of “25 Years of Art in the Parks”.

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